Kind Words About Our Catio Pet Enclosures

There’s no better feeling in the world than knowing that we made kitty pawrents happy, and their kitties' outdoor experience a safe and enriching one.

My kitties are now the luckiest kitties in the entire world, living in the lap of luxury, they could be on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” Cat edition-even though they aren’t rich or famous. Who needs riches or fame when you have happiness? Happier kitties they couldn’t be, thanks to the hard work and talent of the humans at Hellas Pet Enclosures. I give Hellas a rating of 5 only because there is not a higher number. I would give them 100 if the review section allowed.

Jo Z.

Very quick and friendly response. From estimate to install took less than 2 weeks. If you have a little bit of extra cash to spend, and a live for your cats safety and fun, this is for you and your kitty ofcourse.

Justin N.

I am so impressed by both Don and Yvette! They really showed us what true customer service looks like. We could tell right away that they are caring people with a passion for animals. Only people who really understand and love animals can make a functional and well designed as these enclosures. They have taken their skills in the trades and have created a unique local business with high quality products. If you want something that you are not sure will work with your place don’t dismiss the possibility contact them and they will work with you to figure out a solution. They created a great enclosure for our kitties on our apartment balcony. Now we can rest easy that they will be safe while having play time outdoors. Thank you both for this great experience with Hellas!

Andrea D.

My Kitties love the highway Hellas installed in my basement and the secondary way to get to a high window in the house, now they have better places to chase each other around, now I’m super excited to see what they create for a catio outside this spring!!!

Pam S.

Thank you! Tam’s catio is awesome. Design and construction are both top-notch. Don and Yvette took our ideas and improved them considerably. Now Tam has an outdoor space that is comfortable, fun, and safe. Tam is an older cat and set in her ways, but we’ve found a trick to help her feel more comfortable in her new space. We put down a towel in our living room for her to sleep on for a couple of days. Once it smelled like her, we put Tam and the towel into the catio. She is much more willing to explore now that she can go back to her towel whenever she wants.

Lisa W.

I am thrilled with my catio! Don and Yvette did such quality work, are very professional, and clearly love cats. They helped me figure out what would work with my house and were very patient with the design process. Money well spent plus my cats love it!

Desiree L.

We are super pleased with our Catio. Our cat Felix really digs it! He even wanted to go out in it during the thunderstorm tonight! Excellent workmanship & customer service!

Wendy T.

The catio has been up only a week, but it is clear that Luana is loving it. In and out to check out what is happening in her front yard trees and to keep track of her big brother, Zander the dog, when he goes out in the yard. People stop to watch her when they walk by. I know that she is protected from the coyotes and yet can enjoy the outdoors. Don and Yvette were supper in installing and adjusting for all the idiosynchronicities of an old house. Highly recommend Hellas Pet Enclosure and the dynamic duo for installation.

Karen F.

The Catio is great and Don and Yvette are so helpful, helping us brace our window and making sure our 19 year old cat had the best ramps. The installation was easy and they are very good-natured so the whole process was enjoyable. We will definitely be calling them for an expansion when we move!

Stephanie P.

This dynamic duo is thoughtful, skilled and extremely hardworking. They created the perfect catio for my deck. They know cats and their owners and work hard to please them both.

Lori C.

I have highly recommended Don and Yvette to my family and friends and now recommend them to you. They are both talented skilled professionals and provide a quality Catio. They are friendly and are wonderful to work with. My cats are so happy to be able to get outside and I love that they can be outside and still safe.

Linda B.
They did such a wonderful job with our complicated enclosure. Even so far as to level the area and put landscape fabric down. Their kindness and quality are unparalleled. I would recommend to anyone!!! The kitties are overwhelmed with their new outside areas.
Cael D.

We love our catio, it looks good and keeps my babies safe. Don and Yvette were super friendly and professional each step of the way. Highly recommend them for safe outdoor fun for fur babies!

Darlene T.

We love our Catio! Our kitties LOVE the catio. Don & Yvette did an amazing job. They love what they do and take pride in the work. I would definitely recommend them (and have multiple times already!) AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING

Christine L.

We LOVE our catio! Our three cats love it, even the most scared one. Don and Yvette are amazing and care so much about kitties being safe!

Jenn S.

Don and Yvette are caring, good people, that do quality work on behalf of our furry family members. As someone who also builds cat and other pet enclosures I can’t recommend them highly enough.

John C.

The owners are wonderful people that truly care for the safety of your cats. My catio is very well built; great quality. I can’t recommend this company enough – thank you Don & Yvette!!

Vanessa F.

The enclosure they constructed today is simply AMAZING! The cats that have been out in it absolutely love it! Thank you so so much!

Tracy S.

Wonderful people making excellent catios! They clearly love what they do, love cats, and take great pride in getting you the best catio for your kitties. Very Highly Recommended!

Kelly M.

What a fabulous experience working with Hellas! My cats are safe, sound and happy in their catio. Thank you so much for everything!

Samantha H.

The catio is AMAZING. My cats are very happy having independant access to the yard. I am extremely pleased, not having to worry about their wellbeing. Don and Ivette are super knowledgable, professional, communicated very clearly. I would highly recommend Hellas to any pet owner!

Nat D.

I can’t say enough good things about Hellas Pet Enclosures. They are so sweet and so fantastic to work with. The attention to details and quality of the work is outstanding. They made sure everything was safe and secure for my babies. I’m pretty sure I’m going to do an upgrade soon for even more access for my babies. I’ve gone bonkers

Holly W.

We would absolutely recommend Hellas Pet enclosures. They are super friendly and will help you design a Catio that is perfect for you and your kitties. The quality is excellent and the craftsmanship is beautiful. We are so happy with our new Catio. Thank You Hellas Pet Enclosures!

Leanne F.

Yvette and Don created a perfect catio for our kitties! They were professional, kind and did an amazing job. They are passionate about what they do and it shows in their work. Animals lovers who obviously do what they do for the welfare and enrichment of all cats! Highly recommend, and I will have them back in winter to do indoor enrichment for our girls!!!

Becky N.

Our cats love their catio! We love it too! We moved from a farm where our cats where use to roaming where ever they wanted. We where really worried about them in the city roaming and going missing or getting hurt by neighbors. The catio we bought goes from our front room window with runways along the side fence and to the back fence. So happy with it, we will be definitely getting additions for the catio in the summer! Don and Yvette are really caring people too, you can tell they are cat people and love animals in general. Their customer service is top notch!

Zoël S.

My 4 cats absolutely love their Catio. I first had Hellas Pet Enclosures, enclose my deck for the cats to run around on and then once I saw the Catio they built in my mom’s yard I just had to have one of those too so Don and Yvette came back and installed phase II. My cats have so much room to run around in the backyard now and couldn’t be happier. The quality, workmanship and design all get a 10/10 from me. I’m sure my cats Ramsay, Rhonda, Chu and Stanky agree! One of the best investments I’ve ever made. Thanks so much Don and Yvette for everything. Until we meet again for phase III … : )

Kerri A.

We had our catio for a week now and our cats absolutely love it, the quality of the catio is beyond anything i was expecting. When the catio was getting built we had some awesome chats about cats talked about the catios and everything and nothing. I really felt comfortable with them it was like they were old friends. First thing in the morning my cat is trying to get out in the catio and that’s where she is until 11 at night. I showed our vet the work that was done and she was in awe for how well of a job that was done and infact so much so they are showing it off to their cat clients and even posted on their Instagram. Absolutely the best money we ever spent and too see our cats outside using their kitty condo makes me even more excited for next year to get another addition. There is only one regret with the catio and that is not getting it built sooner. We can’t thank them enough for an awesome job and it was absolutely stress free. Storm and Boots will be very happy kitties for a long long time to come thanks to you guys!!!

Jan L.

They were amazing and my cats love their enclosure. My husband was a little apprehensive because he does something similar and doubted their work. I hired because my husband has enough on his plate and I loved their designs. My husband has nothing but fantastic things to say about their work. He has inspected 100% and he is very pleased and we will be adding on to our enclosure in the future. They are friendly and answer every question promptly and efficiently. I recommend this company to everyone. They are amazing and quality superb.

Molly R.
Dealing with Yvette and Don was a dream! They were quick to respond with any questions we had, were up for suggestions to modify or change things, and were very helpful in every step of the process. The installation was super fast and besides a catio being left behind, you would never know Don & Yvette were there – so tidy. We are so fortunate HPE is local and we get the chance to experience the “catio” works of art they create (which they really are) … and our animals are probably even more grateful!  I highly recommend Don & Yvette (Hellas Per Enclosures) to anyone that may be thinking about getting a catio, you will not be disappointed – and neither will your kitties/puppies!!    
Kristi P

Hellas built our kitty Token, who has never used a scratch post before, a scratch post! He absolutely loves it! It’s nice, big, and sturdy, and he even brings his little bear on the platform to lay right next to him when he chills out. To add, they put a little black powder coated catio off our basement suite window and he spends so much time outside when he previously feared anything outdoors. Hellas Pet Enclosures has really enriched Token’s life. Thank you so much!

Kristine B

How much do YOU love your cat(s)?! I only had a small space to work with and was concerned that I get something that didn’t stand out too much on a fourth floor balcony yet it had to be safe and spacious enough for one cat. Don & Yvette came along and provided all that we needed! Not only is it lovely to look at and fitted right in space-wise, but it fitted in discreetly on the balcony. I love the quality of construction and Ruby loves the space. It was worth every penny. If you love your cat(s) and want a custom job worth paying for, I have every confidence in recommending HELLAS! Helluva great job!!! and, incidentally, I believe that Don & Yvette really care about all aspects of their business and that’s worth everything! Support local business!

Shelley J

Let's design the purrfect catio together!